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Why we are hosting the summit:

The Rationale:

Pollution today is pervasive and persistent. While the world has achieved significant economic growth over the past few decades, it has been accompanied by large amounts of pollution, with significant impacts on human health and ecosystems and the ways in which some of the major Earth system processes, such as the climate, are functioning.- The preamble of the UN Environment Programme report: Towards a Pollution-free Planet.

The Pollution Control & Sustainable Environment Summit is a strategic forum to explore the latest industry developments of mutual concern as well as exchange knowledge, showcase case studies, unpack ideas, drive policy changes and generate solutions. The summit is all about promoting national health issues and advanced technologies used to control and regulate the pollution. This conference includes various types of pollutions, human impact on the environment, pollution risk assessment, advanced control methods.

Tracks that will be covered at the summit:

Environmental Pollution

Governance Frameworks

Pollution & Health

Industrial Pollution

Noise Pollution

Air Pollution & Treatment

Transformative Strategies

Solid Waste Disposal

Pollution Control Tech

Renewable Energy

Water Pollution & Treatment

Coastal Pollution

Waste Management

Data Science & Pollution

Environmental Sustainability

What makes this event Unique?

We are aware that many events are mere talk shows that do not drive forward the agenda for a pollution free society. Whilst other conferences focus on pollution control, this Summit seeks to achieve the following:

1. Unpack preventative methods that can be employed to address pollution at the source. 

2. The speakers will share disruptive strategies, technology and best practices that are relevant to Africa. 

3. We are living in a data-driven world and we have invited data scientists to come and share how practitioners and environmental practitioners can leverage data analytical thinking in their day to day work in order to combat the scourge of a polluted environment.

Don’t miss this exciting summit & expo

What you will get:

Insights from industry experts

We have invited some the country's leading academics, researchers, scientists and practitioners to share their expertise and experience.

Actionable insights & strategies

This is a 100% knowledge - 0% blah blah event. You will receive game-changing knowledge that will allow you to enhance your environmental control strategies.

Power Networking

Mix and mingle with other professionals in the industry. Develop professional connections that add value!

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